Success Story - Dan Matherne

At Schoolyard Snacks, my favorite thing is hearing firsthand from our customers about how we've been able to help them on their health journeys. It's stories like these that remind me why I started Schoolyard Snacks.

Today, I want to share a special story from one of our longtime fans, Dan Matherne! 

Dan is one of the most impressive folks I've met. He not only has lost over 130 pounds, he's been successful at maintaining it for years now! 

Dan started having Schoolyard Snacks almost 3 years ago when we first launched to maintain his weight loss while still being able to enjoy the occasional snacks. 

Before discovering Schoolyard Snacks, Dan was mostly having traditional low carb snack items such as pork skins, grain free granolas, low sugar yogurts & cottage cheese.

Not bad, but something was missing...

As Dan says, "I LOVE cereal but had given up cereal during my weight loss journey because there were no existing cereals out there that would help me meet my goals."

"After I had already reached my goal, I saw an advertisement about a new low carb cereal and I just had to give it a try. I'm so glad I did because I've been hooked on these products ever since. Now I've even got other members of my family hooked as well."

He's not kidding...Dan has tried every flavor of our cereal and cheese puffs!

With Schoolyard Snacks, Dan says he is finally able to "have a healthy snack that can satisfy a sweet tooth or crunchy/salty craving that I might have instead of going for a bag of potato chips or sugar-loaded cereal."

The funniest thing Dan said to me was, "I ran out was horrible!"

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