Two Spoil Your Appetite Tactics

The other day, Nance reminded me of an old habit that used to throw my diet into a spiral. 

“For years i have been frustrating myself because i must eat a nite time snack and have screwed up my diet so many times! Now 2 packages with almond milk every nite and i am good.” 

Nance is one of our Keto Cereal fans who’s not on Keto.

Yep. You read that right.

We got members who are diabetic or have celiac and needed to cut out gluten. Others are old school (Atkins) or simply feel better limiting carbs and skipping sugar.


What’s more, I love how Nance does two simple things to ‘spoil her appetite' without hitting the breaks on her weight loss plans. 

The second tactic was actually put to the test at the University of Missouri. 

First, let’s cover what I jokingly call, the flavor expansion tactic :) 

Here’s how it happened. 

One Sunday afternoon Nance asked a question in our private Facebook group:

“What is the most amount of bags you have eaten in one sitting? I’m admit to 4 🤣🤷‍♀️”

Then we got a flood of replies like this one from Laurine:

“...I mix flavors. Peanut butter and cocoa is so tasty.”

Now that’s how you fire up your taste buds and enjoy the guilt-free crunch. 

Best part, each bag is only 100 calories (nearly half your average protein bar). 

Did you know that some of our members hide their goodies? 

Esther describes it best:

“I grab it from the mailbox & hide in the car from my husband & toddler.
Polished off two bags (yum) and then discreetly hid the rest in the trunk. Can’t trust these people with my snacks. #notsharing”

Can't blame her for not sharing lol.

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But I digress.

Let’s cover Nance’s second tactic for spoiling your appetite.

“ obsessed because of the protein and the low carbs”

 Did you spot the simple tactic?

 Here’s the story.

Researchers at the University of Missouri had to find out what kind of snacks makes us feel fuller for longer. Does protein play a key role? 

In the study, 15 women randomly consumed snacks that had low (5g protein), medium (14g protein), or high protein (24g protein).

To measure the impact on appetite, they had the volunteers request dinner whenever they desired to eat after the snack. [1,2] 

“Snacking, regardless of protein content, led to reduced hunger and increased fullness”

While snacking beat not snacking at all, there was another startling insight.

Those who had high protein snacks (24g protein) felt fuller for longer.

Not just mere minutes, we’re talking at least 2 more hours compared to those who had the low protein option (5g protein).

You don’t need to turn to chalky protein or another serving of bacon n’ eggs for protein. Why? Because each bag of Keto cereal packs at least 16g of quality protein so you can stay full for hours.

That’s how some of our members snack, and snack some more, and still get ahead on their diet:

Isn’t it time to quit using willpower to ‘hush hunger’ and instead Tear through an entire bag of crunchy sweetness guilt-free?

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[1] Girdwain, J. (2013, December 12). 4 Ways to Outsmart Your Stomach. Men’s Health.
[2] Douglas, S. M., Ortinau, L. C., Hoertel, H. A., & Leidy, H. J. (2012, September 25). Low, moderate, or high protein yogurt snacks on appetite control and subsequent eating in healthy women. Appetite - Journal - Elsevier.