Sugar Free High Protein Net 1 Gram Carb Gluten & Grain Free

Old School Snacks Made the New Way.

In an act of pure magic, we've reinvented our favorite carb-loaded cereals and snacks from childhood by replacing the carbs and sugar with high-quality protein and monk fruit (a natural sweetener with zero sugar).

No glutens. No long ingredient list with big words. Just a sweet, delightful crunch that will transport you right back to childhood.

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“The fiery hot is 🔥 Reminds me a lot of the baked hot Cheetos. So good”
Ki Moore Ki Moore
“These are my go to at night. Fills me up and no sugar. 😁😁"
Lisa Lisa
"Got my package yesterday both flavors are straight 🔥!!! I so happy to have these in my life!!!!"
Jess Jess
"I have tried other keto cereals and this is the crunchiest and most flavorful!! Awesome flavors!"
Cindy Cindy
"Unbelievably tasty, and the crunch!! 5 stars 😍"
Denise Denise
"I just got mine today and they are absolutely delicious. I’ve been on keto for 30 months and this is by far the best snack food I’ve been able to find. Autoship here I come."
Mark Mark
"Just got my new box of Fruity in the mail and OH MY GOSH! Better than Trix—I LOVE how it doesn’t get soggy, either!"
Jenny Jenny