If You Miss Cocoa Cereal On Keto, Try This..

Mmm...the iconic chocolatey puffs of joy. Did you know when cocoa cereal was invented over 60 years ago, it was the only breakfast cereal featuring real chocolate?

Some of my fondest memories growing up included munching on large spoonfuls in front of Saturday morning cartoons and sneaking a box of this chocolatey goodness into bed in the middle of the night.

Although you can find cocoa cereal in just about every grocery store, supermarket, and convenience store in the nation, they're definitely one of the first things to kick out of your pantry and avoid buying when you start Keto or any healthy eating plan.

But sometimes, you just want to slurp that chocolate milk at the end of a bowl of crunchy cocoa cereal, and that's OK! We all get those sweet, crunchy cravings, am I right?

Good news, cocoa cereal fans! 

Schoolyard Snacks now offers a crunchy Keto “Cocoa” cereal.

At Schoolyard Snacks, we make cocoa cereal that is legitimately good for you. One bowl has just 1 net carb, 100 calories, and a whopping 16g protein! Oh, and it's sugar-free too, thanks to its all natural monk fruit sweetener blend.

Here’s how 1 bowl of Schoolyard Snacks’ Cocoa Cereal cereal compares to your regular store-bought variety:

Now you’re probably wondering, “Do they taste any good?”

We think so, but don’t just take our word for it…here are just a few of the hundreds of messages we get every day from our fans:


No wonder we’ve sold over 3 MILLION BAGS of our Keto cereal and snacks in the past year.

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P.S. Don’t wait too long, because our raving fans have caused this cereal to sell out 4 times already!