Hi! My name is Scott, let me tell you my story. 

My Trajectory Downhill


Over the past 20 years, I’ve had multiple strokes, always battled with chronic weight gain, had multiple heart surgeries, heart attacks, as well as battles with diabetes.

I never felt good about myself after my 30’s.

The irony is that I actually got to college on a track scholarship, but when I started my first job in Finance my health went downhill as my career took off. 

At age 33 I was put on my first high blood pressure medication.

It would be easy to blame everything on my genetics but to be honest, bad choices, bad diet, and lack of exercise is what got me into this state.

The heavier I was getting the more pain I was getting, joint pains, back pains, I had a hard time playing with my kids and basically doing all those things that my dad did with me when I was growing up. 

Just before my 40th birthday I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and fatty liver disease.

This is when I decided to make a change.

I am a pretty strong willed person and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I was around when my kids grew up.

My Attempt at Change

Once I decided to change, I tried everything, I went on an all fruit diet and was hungry all the time.

I tried eating greens only and just going for salads.

I would eat those huge salads because I had read somewhere that you can never have too much and I would be satiated for about 1 hour after the salad but then would be ravenous and go back to snacking at my desk.

I also tried to eat only carbs, and only meat or only fats, but nothing really worked. 

Eventually I came across an ad for Keto Snacks and decided to look into it.

I didn’t buy the snacks right away but instead I took a couple of weeks to research the Keto lifestyle and find out what it was all about.

Going Keto

I started Keto the week before my 40th birthday on March 4th 2019, I weighed 269 lbs, had a blood pressure of 148/99 and my liver enzymes were 3X the normal.

Within one month I had dropped 25lbs to 244 lbs and I never looked back.

The fact that I saw these results so fast gave me the motivation to keep going and going and going.

The good news is that my blood pressure dropped too and within the third month I was down to 219 lbs and was able to start going on longer walks and get some exercise every week. 

It wasn’t easy and my weight dropped less and less the longer it went.

It’s a lot easier to drop the first 50 lbs than it is the last 50. 

What I really liked about Keto is that it is fairly easy to follow, drop your carbs and you can keep everything else pretty normal.

So you can still indulge just stay away from most carbs.

I also generally started eating more greens and nutrients since I had gotten a taste from my earlier experimentation.

Finding the Right Snacks

The big challenge I faced during my journey is that I still enjoyed snacking, after all it was a habit I had cultivated for almost 2 decades and it was hard to get out of.

My various offices over the years very often offered free snacks and that didn’t help.

One day a friend told me about some cereals and chips that tasted great and were fully keto compliant.

This is where I came across Schoolyard Snacks I ordered a few packs of different flavors and was instantly hooked. 

My favorite cereal flavors are the peanut butter and the cacao as for the puffs (the chips) I really like them all with a slight preference for the cheddar cheese of course.

Finding these healthy snacks really helped me progress and allowed me to snack while I was following Keto religiously.

I love them so much that I recommend them to all my friends, and even my friends who are not on any diets really enjoy them. 

Where I am now

Fast forward to today and after a few slip-ups I feel like I’ve really hit a good groove.

I now weigh 197 lbs and am happy to maintain it.

I’m a lot more active and while I’m not exactly athletic I’m definitely able to keep up with my 2 boys.

The great thing about this whole journey is that I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing much, I allow myself one cheat day every 2 weeks where I can go to any restaurant and get whatever I want, and thanks to finding tasty snacks both sweet and savory I don’t really have to go hungry throughout the day.

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