Are You Making One Of These 5 ‘Cut Carbs, Quit Sugar’ Mistakes?

I remember the day I decided to cut sugar out of my life.

I never suspected that a medium blueberry muffin packed 9 teaspoons of sugar!

It was almost as bad as a 12-ounce can of coke (9.75 teaspoons or 39 grams of sugar). Yikes!

Giving up coke was easy.

But giving up ‘crunchy’ carbs like cookies and chocolate bars felt like skating uphills.

I’ve had more false starts than I’d care to remember.

This year’s gonna be different because I’m dropping 5 bad habits.

Mistake #1

I’d be going strong for a few days, almost a week before it happens. 

It usually just starts with "oh, I'll just treat myself to one cookie" after a day of hard work. (I don’t know what it is about evenings, that’s when those munchies hit the hardest).

What happens next may sound familiar.

I’d scarf down that cookie, reach for a candy bar and go on a hunt for a pint of ice cream.

Woof! There goes my plans to trade my baggy pants for a glam dress.

For some odd reason we think that waiting until we’re hungry is a good idea.

I’m scratching that tactic this year. Instead, have a few guilt-free snacks handy.

Pickles. Olives.

Maybe peanut butter on celery sticks.

(Stay with me, in mistake #5 I’ll share a sugar-free treat that feels like junk-food. It’s a must-have for anyone with a big sweet tooth because you don’t have to tame hunger hormones).


Mistake #2

I’ve suspected this for a while.

Ever noticed how after a night of lousy sleep we slip on our sensible food choices?

It’s like the body starts craving high-sugar foods the next morning.

Turns out it’s true. One study found that one night of bad sleep bumped the next day’s calorie intake by 22% 

Mistake #3

This isn’t really about sugar but I’ve found this helps our journey back to body bliss.

Nobody likes feeling bloated and I’m no different.

There’s a reason I started skipping salty sauces like barbecue, steak or teriyaki. It triggers the body to retain water (in all the wrong places!)

Here’s another obvious one to scratch off your menu.

Sugar-free soda. These are often sweetened with gas-inducing sugar alcohols like sorbitol or maltitol. 

Mistake #4

It’s easy to say scratch a blueberry muffin off your list because it packs 9 teaspoons of sugar.

It’s not so easy to suspect salad dressings.

One popular creamy French salad dressing sneaks in 1.5 teaspoons of sugar (for every two tablespoons of the dressing).

Same story for another popular ‘light’ honey mustard dressing.

The simplest fix is going for quality oils and vinegars.

But hey, some of us are all about the sweet tooth. Next, be ready for my fav ‘pleasure food’ that won’t knock you off the healthy bandwagon.

Mistake #5

I knew a friend who went from ‘1 Reese’s peanut butter cup’ a day for yeeeeeears… to nothing. 

She quit sugar. Went cold turkey.

Do the cravings ever stop?

I admire those who can pull it off.

For the rest of us who secretly wish chocolate wasn’t so darn tasty, it’s time to…

Quit using willpower to conquer cravings.

A recent survey of 141.1 million adult Americans figured the biggest reason why most new years resolutions don’t make it past January.

Would you say it’s lack of cooking skills?

Maybe not sweating through countless t-shirts at the gym?

How about willpower?

Turns out ‘lack of willpower’ was the #1 excuse for 46.8% of men and 52.8% of women.

That’s nearly half of everyone who’s committed to a New Year’s resolution.

Try this instead.

How about a crunchy, sugar-free treat that makes it easy to ‘obey your appetite’ instead of fighting that sweet tooth?

It’s the closest thing to having a midnight treat without the cheat.

There’s a few reasons that makes this work (and work better than using willpower to ‘hush’ hunger). First, taste…

It’s a favorite among chocolate lovers.

Notice anything?

Leonardo, Melissa and Debra are using this 1g net carb, sugar-free Keto Cereal as a snack because:

  •  It has a super satisfying crunch…
  • On-the-go yum! Yes, you can easily toss a bag in your purse -- makes for a quick, guilt-free snack to make it through the afternoon or at night for movie munching.

But can it work for breakfast without piling on the carbs?

You bet.

Here’s how: go for unsweetened almond milk. Only 1g carb to fill your bowl (240 ml).

No more feeling like it was a sad day when gave up oatmeal or morning cereal.

It’s not just sugar-free, it won’t go soggy in milk.

What’s more, some smart-eaters mix it with half a protein shake or sprinkle it on top of yogurt for that extra crunch.

How can it be sweet without the sugar?

Natural Sweetener Blend Made from Monk Fruit And Allulose

Where’s the ingredient list?

I know, I know… if you’ve read this far then you’re probably a stickler when it comes ingredients. I feel the same anytime I go grocery shopping.

Now, before you hop on to check the ingredient list and skim through over 6,947 rave reviews (that’s right, nearly 7,000 reviews) allow me to explain one more way this Keto Cereal helps thousands of people quit feeling hungry on low carb or keto.

As kids we used to devour a bowl of conventional cereal only to be hungry an hour later. Is it any surprise that your typical cereal only has 1 to 2g of protein?

In contrast, the Keto Cereal I’m about to share with you has 15g of quality protein.

(That’s like eating 60 almonds or a baggy of beef jerky.)

And high protein means you’ll stay full for hours.

Here’s some more good news.

This Keto Cereal isn’t just grain-free and soy-free…

…each bag is only 100 calories (nearly half your average protein bar).

Is it any wonder that it got featured in Women’s Health, GQ, Vox, Forbes and more?

If you’d like to indulge in a sugar-free treat that’s totally delish, has that crunch and won’t use up all your precious carbs then…

…pop over here to see which flavors are still available and skim through over 6,947 reviews.

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