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At Schoolyard Snacks, we're dedicated to making the best tasting snacks in the world (that also happens to be good for you!). But don't just take our word for it...see for yourself why people love the crunch.
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Big Kids Love Cereal
The taste is really great
Thanks so much for sharing your review, Mike! So glad we could bring cereal back for you on Keto!
It's delicious!
Hi Bailey, thanks so much for letting us know you love the Fruity! We love you back :)
Perfect sweet tooth craving solution
Thanks so much for your review Marshall! Glad we could be there for you every step of the way.
Tastes like cocoa puffs & fruity pebbles
Thanks for your review, Lori, and for spreading the sweet word to your coworkers! You're awesome :)
Love it
Thanks for your review Amanda! Excited for you to try some new flavors in the future too!
Best cereal EVER!
Thanks for being one of our #1 fans, Courtney! You're awesome :)
My new favorite!
Thanks for your review Greg, and for being a great longtime customer!
So amazing
Thanks so much for your review Christina! Happy we could start our day with you too!
Cocoa and Peanut Butter Cereal
Better than expected 😄👍
Lifesaver While doing Keto!
Great snack
My favorite
Love the Keto Puffs
Pleasantly Surprised!
So glad to have cerial and cheesey puffs again!
Very crunchy

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