Our Rankings & Reviews of the 10 Best Keto Snacks of 2022 (Cont'd)

7. Cocoa Krispy Treats

Chocolatey treats calling your name? What if I told you that you could have cocoa cereal back in your life, without all the sugar and carbs?

This keto-friendly cocoa cereal is the grown up version of your childhood favorite...it even turns into chocolate milk at the end!

And if you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen, you have to try this Cocoa Caramel Rice Krispies recipe...it's just heavenly.


6. BBQ Puffs  

Mmm...the smokey sweet flavor and hearty crunch of barbecue chips! Did you know BBQ chips were the first flavored potato chips introduced and remain the most popular chip flavor in the nation?

Although you can find BBQ chips in just about every corner store, supermarket, and vending machine in the nation, they're definitely one of the first things to kick out of your pantry and avoid buying when you start Keto or any healthy eating plan. 

But if you love BBQ chips, don’t fret! Schoolyard Snacks Keto BBQ Puffs only have 2 net carbs in an entire bag, and they’ve got all the crunch and flavor! Here’s what fans on Facebook have to say:


5. Monk Fruit Sweetened Dark Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover, a good Keto option is a dark chocolate that is sweetened with a sugar-free sweetener. Look for a dark chocolate that is sweetened with monk fruit, which doesn’t have the strong and bitter aftertaste that stevia often comes with.


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