4 Reasons This Keto Cereal Has Sold Out 4 Times Already

Missing Cereal on Keto? See why people can’t stop getting their hands on Schoolyard Snacks’ Keto Cereal. Here are five reasons why you should grab them before they sell out (again).

#1: Only 1g Net Carb per BAG

Yes, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Tear through an entire bag of crunchy sweetness for only one teeny tiny gram of carbs. Schoolyard Snacks has managed to replace the carbs in traditional cereal with high quality protein. The cereal is sugar-free and sweetened with a natural blend of allulose and monk fruit (which tastes almost identical to sugar and isn't too cloyingly sweet!). Not to mention, it's also grain free and only contains 100 calories per bag. 

#2: They Taste Just Like the Real Thing

Rest assured these aren’t some granola combination disguised as cereal (or worse, pork rinds). This cereal actually has the crunch you remember. Have it dry as a late night snack to curb your sweet tooth, or pour some unsweetened almond milk over it if you want colorful cereal milk to slurp down at the end.

#3: People Can’t Stop Raving About Them

We'll let the 6000+ reviews speak for themselves. 

#4: Free Shipping to Your Doorstep

Schoolyard Snacks offers free shipping on all orders, so sit back and relax on the couch while your new favorite sweet tooth treat gets delivered to your doorstep. 

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