Announcing Our New 4.0 Keto Cereal Formula!

The past 6 months have been CRAZY.

Not just with what’s happening around the world, but with what’s been happening in our kitchen! 

Since the launch of our 3.0 Keto Cereal formula roughly 6 months ago....we’ve been making some serious moves on the R&D front.

Seriously...we’ve sent over 100 improved cereal samples back and forth between our kitchen and our test lab where our food scientists work! 

We've gone to extreme lengths to perfect the taste without the guilt -- so you can enjoy 'all that crunch' at only 1g net carb (and sugar-free too)!

And today, we’re announcing our NEW 4.0 Keto Cereal Formula!

First of all, shout out to the 10,000+ of you guys who took your precious time over the past couple months to share your feedback on how we could keep improving our Keto Cereal. You guys are the real MVPs.

Here’s what you can expect with your next order:

Less Aftertaste!

We’ve further refined our 100% natural allulose and monk fruit sweetener blend to reduce the aftertaste commonly associated with alternative sweeteners.

Even though we made huge improvements with our last 3.0 formula, we promise it’s even better now! 

Fun fact: In addition to the formula update, we invested in new ultra-high-tech blending equipment so the sweetness is also more even, resulting in less aftertaste!

Cocoa is Now More Chocolatey! 

It was clear to us based off of your feedback that you guys wanted our Cocoa cereal to be more chocolatey, so that’s exactly what we did…

Double the cocoa, double the 😋😋!

It also means the chocolate milk at the end is now even more slurpable!

So for all of you guys who have given us all this helpful feedback, we can’t wait for you to try the new formula!

Helen & Dylan (Founders)

UPDATE 10/14/2020: Due to increased demand from our new 4.0 formula release, we’re currently low on inventory. If our Keto Cereal is sold out when you are trying to purchase, we sincerely apologize. Please keep coming back and checking!

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