How to Stay Keto Over the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again…HOLIDAY SEASON! 🎄

Last year, many of you told us you had lost the progress you’ve made on Keto and a low carb diet over the holidays. And that was sad to hear 😔

Then we came across an article that said the average American gains over 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And to be perfectly honest... we made some bad choices last holiday season ourselves, so we’re not ones to judge.

But after last Christmas we told ourselves, there must be a better way…

We must be able to enjoy our favorite holiday foods and treats without sacrificing our health and all the progress we’ve made the rest of the year! 

So we’ve been secretly working on a side project this year. On the weekends, we’ve been recreating our favorite holiday meals, desserts, and snacks in the kitchen.

And today we’re excited to finally release The Official Schoolyard Snacks Keto Holiday Recipe Guide!

This guide took us hundreds of hours to put together (seriously, it was a year’s worth of effort!). We even recruited our friends to be taste testers!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside this massive 145 page holiday recipe guide:

  • 41 Holiday Main Dishes (including Pork Shoulder Cutlets, Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf, Sweet Chicken Skewers, and more)
  • 19 Side Dishes (including Zucchini Ganoush, Spicy Carrots, and Buffalo Hot dip)
  • 9 Keto Candy & Nuts (including our Three-layered Fat Bombs)
  • 8 Christmas Cakes (the Red Velvet Cake is a MUST)
  • 11 Holiday Cookies & Tarts Recipes (my favorite is the Blueberry Lemon Filling Tart)
  • 8 Holiday Hot Drinks (do not miss the Low Carb Eggnog and Sugar-Free Mulled Wine!)
  • 10 Holiday Cold Drinks (including our famous Jack Frost Cocktail)
  • 13 Festive Fat Bombs (including our White Chocolate Fat Bomb, Jalapeno Fat Bombs, and more)
  • Bonus Chapter: What to Have and Avoid Over The Holidays

We can promise you it’s the most complete Keto Holiday Recipe Guide on the market. And we’re so excited for you to try the recipes for yourselves!

Get Your 145 Page Keto Holiday Recipe Guide Here for Only $27 ($77 Value)

Happy Holidays!
Helen & Dylan (Founders)

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