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Last week our inbox blew out…

Our customer happiness team couldn’t keep up with the stream of “When is Flaming Hot Back?” queries. 

But one email stood out...

Emails like these not only brighten up our days, they’re a reminder of why we started Schoolyard Snacks. 

Best part, there’s a request to create a totally Keto muffin. Love it.

What about you? What forbidden snack (aka nasty carbs) continues to tingle your sweet tooth? (let us know in the comments)

Here's the 'inspiring story'...


Hi Dylan!  

You and Helen’s emails are super cute.

I love how personable it is...truly does make a (future long time customer) feel like chatting with friends. 

I purchased your snacks because me and my family are battling some autoimmune diseases. 

I was just diagnosed with Hashimotos - therefore gluten and a lot of sugar no longer sits well with my body. 

My sons (ages 2 and 4) were both diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

They were both diagnosed when they were about 18 months and it definitely broke me and my husbands heart. 

They are the youngest people on a semi keto diet we know! 

What broke my heart is that one day at daycare their provider gave everyone cookies except them because she was not knowledgeable about T1D and did want their glucose levels to go.

I understand where she was coming from, but don’t single out my kids if they can be correct with their insulin. 


I very much appreciate these schoolyard snacks you and Helen have created.

My kids can enjoy cereal again!

They loved their fruity pebbles and coco puffs before they were diagnosed and they’ll be super excited once this package arrives filled with coco and peanut butter flavored cereal!  

You guys have definitely help me and my boys come back to some normalcy with the snacks you have created!

Keep the momentum going!

If somehow you can create something equivalent to the mini muffins that would be AMAZING!! 

Thank you guys, 

The Millers


Thank you for this amazing story.


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