''Sugar is a fine white powder...''

Just the thought of it quickens your pulse. You begin to envision the sudden rush racing through your blood. Soon, you succumb to the temptations of the fine white powder. Chasing the feeling it gave you that first time. Eventually you lose yourself in the chase. When you look in the mirror and no longer recognise the figure staring back at you, you’ll begin to realize the cruel reality.

“Sugar is a fine white powder, and just like coke and smack, its wrapped up in money and power”

Wow. A lot to unpack there. That line comes from this TikTok video, a clever and powerful piece of ‘slam poetry’ about the effects of sugar and its hold on America.

Awareness is increasing about just how harmful Sugar is to our health. In the mid-1900’s, America declared a misguided war on Fat, which was deemed Public Enemy #1. Science has since shown that sugar is our primary enemy - and it is in just about everything you eat in the modern world.

Recent studies show that sugar acts on the same area of the brain as cocaine. And further, that it is likely at the root of almost every chronic disease we struggle with in the ‘developed’ world. But awareness is increasing day by day.

At Schoolyard Snacks, we already know how detrimental sugar is to your health. That’s why we make only low carb, low sugar snacks. To help you feel better, live longer, and be your best - for yourself, and for those around you. 

And of course, to still enjoy the journey! Because who wants to deny all of life’s little pleasures???

It’s not easy out there, we know. But whether or not you’re still Keto, you better still recognize sugar as enemy #1 in your fight against disease.

We’re here to help you stay clear of that fine white powder.

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