Low Points, Big Flavor: 12 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

The Cereal School is a great Weight Watchers Breakfast

Meal planning can be hard.

That’s why we love how easy it is to tally up Weight Watchers points. With so many foods weighing in at zero points on the Weight Watchers Freestyle program, the whole process is easier than ever. Simple math skills we can handle, but constantly searching for recipes? That takes a bit more work — particularly when it comes to breakfast.

If you’re constantly waking up in the morning without any ideas about what to make for breakfast, we did a little research for you. Here are a dozen Weight Watchers-friendly breakfasts to work into your meal plan this week. 

12 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas With Lots of Flavor and Minimal Points

Want a few light breakfast ideas that fill you up without weighing you down? These 12 breakfast recipes include new twists on some of your favorite brunch items — versions that, of course, you can feel good about. 

1. Tomato and Yellow Squash Baked Egg Cups

Quiche muffins make a tasty Weight Watchers breakfast

Image: The Cheerful Kitchen

You know we’re big fans of grab-n-go breakfasts (we designed our cereal to be eaten straight from the bag, after all). These make-ahead crustless quiche muffins are easily transportable, allowing you to grab one as you sprint out the door. Actually, since they’re filled with veggies and weigh in at just one WW point a pop, go ahead and grab two.

2. Open-Faced Smoked Salmon Bagel 

Weight Watchers Smoked Salmon Bagel

Image: Keeping on Point 

If you thought you had to wave a tearful goodbye to bagels when you started Weight Watchers, you’re sorely — wait, gleefully — mistaken. This spin on salmon and lox uses mini bagels, which are just 3 Freestyle smartpoints, instead of the typical 9 you’d get from a regular bagel. Pile it high with cucumber, red onion, capers, smoked salmon, and light cream cheese, and you have an entire meal with 4 Freestyle points (bagel and toppings included).

3. Very Berry Almond Baked Oats with Greek Yogurt 

Very Berry Baked Oats

Image: Salted Mint 

Are you looking for a sweet dessert — excuse us, breakfast — that happens to be low in points? This berry breakfast yogurt parfait is gluten-free and refined sugar-free. You’ll combine oats with milk, eggs, maple syrup, and cinnamon, then top with fresh, low-carb berries and bake it to perfection. Top with a dollop of Greek yogurt and breakfast is served. 

4. Banana Nut Morning Glory Muffins 

Banana nut muffins

Image: Dash of Herbs 

During the morning chaos Monday through Friday, snag one of these banana nut muffins as you scoot out the door. With just 4 Freestyle points per muffin, they’re made with bananas, lemon zest, honey, and pecans, giving you a little fiber and protein to hold you over until lunchtime. They weigh in at 175 calories per muffin, so feel to enjoy one now, then one for “second breakfast” later.

5. Healthy Breakfast Egg Cups 

Breakfast egg cup

Image: Salted Mint

Breakfast sandwiches with a sunny side up egg are far too underrated. That runny egg yolk smothered over a buttered croissant? We’re getting hungry just thinking about it — well, hungry until we remember how many points that’s going to cost us. These breakfast egg cups are a lightened-up version of a breakfast sammie, with a portobello mushroom “bun.” The entire spread contains just 275 calories and 5 grams of carbs, giving you a breakfast to feel good about.

6. Breakfast Tostadas

Breakfast tostadas

Image: My Bizzy Kitchen

You’ve done breakfast burritos. You tried (and loved) breakfast tacos. Now it’s time to try breakfast tostadas. This Weight Watchers breakfast recipe combines refried beans, tortillas, egs, bell peppers, cheese, and avocado salsa into a crispy, drool-worthy dish. And while it certainly tastes like an indulgence, it carries just 4 smart points per serving.

7. Cereal School

The Cereal School

If there’s one breakfast food you missed when you started Weight Watchers, it's most likely cereal. And we're not talking plain oatmeal or bran-covered-in-cranberries kinda cereal. Nah, we’re talking about the real thing — something that tastes sugary-sweet, covered in fruity flavor or cinnamon, and good enough to eat right out of the box (or bag). And because a Weight Watchers-friendly cereal didn't exist, we went ahead and created it

8. Healthy Frittata Bites

Weight Watchers breakfast: Frittata bites

Image: Half Scratched

If you’re a bit skeptical of egg whites, here’s a piece of advice: Just like any other ingredient, you just need to know how to prepare them. This breakfast frittata is loaded with spinach, tomatoes, Italian cheeses, and all the seasonings, packing a ton of flavor in every bite. It weighs in at just 55 calories per serving and has a zero value on the PointsPlus scale.

9. Belgian Chocolate Waffles: Weight Watchers Friendly 

Weight Watchers breakfast waffles

Image: Food Meanderings

How can waffles be Weight Watchers friendly? Wait a minute, how can chocolate be WW friendly? If you are someone who can’t live without either, you’re going to be super pleased with this recipe. These light, fluffy waffles carry only 7 smart points per waffle, but give you all the deliciousness you’d expect from a sweet breakfast treat. Top with fresh berries, honey, or peanut butter and enjoy. 

10. Spanish Omelet

Spanish omelet

Image: Art of Natural Living

Are you tired of racking up points first thing in the morning? Same. That’s why we happen to love this Spanish omelet recipe — which gives you precisely zero points on the Freestyle program. Made with chopped bell peppers, leeks, tomatoes, eggs, and salsa, this zero-point, zero-guilt recipe is the perfect way to start your morning.

11. Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake French Toast Streusel Muffins 

Blueberry muffin

Image: Cafe Delites 

Cheesecake, muffins, french toast… just one of those items would have our ears perking up — but all three? It sounds almost too good to be true. Actually, hold on for just a second, five Weight Watchers points per muffin is what sounds too good to be true. By using skim milk, low-sugar sweeteners, and non-stick cooking spray, these streusel muffins taste far more decadent than you’d expect. Oh, did we mention they provide 9 grams of protein and contain just over 200 calories?

12. Guiltless Egg and Bacon Sandwich

Bacon and egg sandwich

Image: Skinnytaste

Nothing can replace bacon and eggs. It’s fast; it’s easy; and it’s one of the most satisfying breakfasts out there. This easy breakfast sandwich packs turkey bacon (feel free to sub turkey sausage), egg whites, and green peppers into a whole wheat mini pita, for a satiating breakfast that’s ready in just 20 minutes. Best yet, it carries a mere 5 WW Freestyle points per sandwich.

When There’s No Time to Cook, Grab a Bag of Cereal School

Remember the old days when you sprinted out the door, grabbed a handful of cereal mid-stride, and continued about your hectic morning? We kinda miss those days — or at least the convenience of it. And while we hope these Weight Watchers breakfast recipes are useful, we know there will be days when you don't have the bandwidth to make breakfast from scratch.

If you don't have time for recipe-searching, points-counting, or low-point Googling, just grab a bag of Cereal School. With zero grams of sugar, 16 grams of protein, and only 100 calories per bag, this is an on-the-go breakfast you can feel good about. Grab a spoon and a glass of skim or almond milk, and go tackle your morning like the champ you are.

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