Keto Muddy Buddy Clusters!

Just like puppy chow or "muddy buddies" only easier to eat, easier to portion, and perfect for the holidays!! This version is a little peanut buttery-er and made with deep dark chocolate. 



    1. In a large microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate chips and peanut butter and stir until smooth. 
    2. Add the cereal to the melted chocolate mixture and stir to coat. Spoon about 11 small clusters onto a parchment lined baking sheet and chill for 1 hour. 
    3. Once set, add the powdered sweetener to a large plastic bag. Add the clusters 1 at a time and shake to coat in powdered sweetener. Keep refrigerated for best results!

      Nutrition Facts

      Makes 11 servings, serving size 1 "cluster"
      Calories: 126
      Fat: 9g
      Carbs: 8g
      Fiber: 2g
      Net Carbs: 6g
      Protein: 8g