Sienna Dropped 15 Lbs


"The Cereal School is changing my life!

I usually exercise often and stay low carb, but in the last couple of years I have put back on about 25 lbs after entering nursing school. 

When I saw an ad for the Cereal School in January I checked out the website and read the reviews. 

Since then, I have been completely OBSESSED and have lost over 15 lbs! 

It works perfectly with my macros, satisfies my sweet tooth cravings with natural ingredients, and is so fun to eat!

I can’t wait to graduate as a nurse being the most healthy version of myself!"

Sienna, Nursing Student

And Sarah Dropped 95 Lbs

"I order about 4 boxes of the peanut butter, fruity, & coco weekly.

I eat it every day all day lol I am a cereal addict lol. 

I gained up to 225lbs eating the sugary cereal because I love it so much. 

A few years ago I went on a high protein low carb diet & today I weigh 130 lbs. 

I am so thankful to have The Cereal School in my life. I can now eat a lot of cereal without adding weight. I am the happiest girl around. 😀❤️