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Started by Two Big Kids Who Never Grew Up

Hi, we're Helen & Dylan, founders of Schoolyard Snacks đź‘‹

Three years ago, we graduated from Georgetown University, officially entering adulthood. We decided then to “grow up” and start limiting our sugar intake. While we felt SO much better, we quickly realized everything we loved to eat growing up was suddenly off limits. It was this yearning for childhood comfort food that made us start Schoolyard Snacks.

We decided to start by reinventing a timeless favorite, cereal, by turning the sugary cereals we all love into a guilt-free treat that we’d feel good about eating every day (and night, let’s be real!). Low carb. High protein. No sugar (ever).

What we didn’t foresee was that we would be told by every single manufacturer and “food scientist” we spoke to that our idea just wasn’t possible. Some laughed at us. Some literally hung up on us. They said that if the big guys haven't figured it out, then we should probably dream on. And so we did.

We turned the kitchen in our 450 sq. ft. apartment into a lab and started experimenting. After what felt like a million recipe iterations and countless thoughts of giving up, one day we got it right…really right! We started sending our cereals out to blind taste testers. We never expected to hear feedback like this...

“The taste is PHENOMENAL”

“What kind of sorcery is this?”

“This is EVERYTHING I was missing”

Even the manufacturers who rejected us in the beginning couldn’t believe what us two "kids" had created. Flash forward to today, we have shipped our cereals to hundreds of thousands of amazing customers across the country, and even launched a new line of products: Cheese Puffs!

Growing up is overrated, and it’s time to unleash the inner child in each and every one of us.

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