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At Schoolyard Snacks, we're dedicated to making the best tasting snacks in the world (that also happens to be good for you!). But don't just take our word for it...see for yourself why people love the crunch.
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Low carb heavem

Losing a ton of weight eating these I love the cheese and fire flavors


I’ve been a hot cheeto/hot chip lover since a veryyyy young age. We all know they aren’t the best for us and the ingredients are pretty horrible. I tried the Flaming Hot Keto Puffs and I am in love! So so happy to have found a better alternative. Can’t wait to try the Cheese ones now + the cereal options. TRY THEM! So good. I’ve tried other “healthy” chips and was not a fan. These are my new go to!

Big Kids Love Cereal

I tried Fruity and Cookies and Cream. Considering the other "high protein" cereals I have researched, this one has the highest amount of protein per dollar. The flavors remind me of being a kid and the macronutrient values meets the needs of my current nutritional plan. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 3 more stars on top of the 5 I gave it in the rating...💯❤️

The taste is really great

I've had the Fruity and now the Cocoa. I got it because I'm Keto and the total carb count is 1g of carbs for the bag which is fantastic for a serving. For me, really it's the taste, the texture, and just the fact that it's pre-measured already, so you get automatic portion control. The taste is really great because it doesn't give you an uber crazy sweet hit. That crunch is something you miss sometimes when you're on Keto, and the Cereal School definitely delivers.

Thanks so much for sharing your review, Mike! So glad we could bring cereal back for you on Keto!

It's delicious!

Fruity flavor is delicious!

Hi Bailey, thanks so much for letting us know you love the Fruity! We love you back :)

Perfect sweet tooth craving solution

At the time I was prepping for a bodybuilding show that was in May and I was searching for different products that were low carb but fulfilled that sweet tooth need that I had. It tastes GREAT. This with some almond, it's completely fulfilled that sweet tooth need. I've taken these guys to the airport, and they're just convenient to pack. The prep has ended, I'm not really competing in any more shows right now, and really it's just part of my daily life. Breakfast, snack, after dinner, or I had one today I took to work and just threw in my bag and it just fit in whatever my macros are. Best part is, you can scan this guy right into My Fitness Pal so it's easy to track that way. Customer service is superior to any other company I've dealt with. Highly recommend the Cereal School!

Thanks so much for your review Marshall! Glad we could be there for you every step of the way.

Tastes like cocoa puffs & fruity pebbles

Found the Cereal school on FB and bought because I'm trying to cut carbs and sugar. The cocoa tastes like cocoa puffs and fruit one reminds me of fruity pebbles. Definitely satisfies the crunchy craving and a few of my coworkers got some too! I now always make sure to keep a bag or two in my purse and it keeps me from cheating!

Thanks for your review, Lori, and for spreading the sweet word to your coworkers! You're awesome :)

Love it

I eat them every day! I’m addicted! So good, so portable! Such a great breakfast or snack

Thanks for your review Amanda! Excited for you to try some new flavors in the future too!

Best cereal EVER!

I can finally have cereal again! When I am doing a weight cut, it can be difficult to have treats that don't use up all of my precious carbs! So thank goodness for The Cereal School! Now I can have cereal and stay on track!!

Thanks for being one of our #1 fans, Courtney! You're awesome :)

My new favorite!

I'm so thankful I discovered this. The Cereal School is truly magic. This is the perfect snack or quick meal, with great macros and the delicious flavors of cereals I haven't had in years. Plus, the protein keeps me full for hours. Can't recommend Cereal School enough!

Thanks for your review Greg, and for being a great longtime customer!

So amazing

I have been eating them every morning and I'm in love.

Thanks so much for your review Christina! Happy we could start our day with you too!

Best keto ceereal ive had yet!

If your keto or low carb try this tasty cereal. My favorite was the cinnamon!


Great flavor and helped with my sweet cravings for cereal

Yummy crunchy cheesy!

These are much better than the original Cheetos!

awesome snacks

loveee the cheese puffs, they are amazingly crunchy!!! Best keto snack i have found!! The chocolate and peanut butter ceral is equally amazing, best tasting cereal ever.

Great Family Treat

We’re all on a low carb diet and love the crunchy, tasty cheese puffs! Look forward to receiving our order every month!

Cheese puffs

Tasty and filling

Sour cream and onion is addictive

The flavor is great, and love the texture of these snacks. Each bag is only 100 calories each so it just feels indulgent, but its actually quite sensible.
I wish these were sold in stores.


Great tasting product and helps when you are craving chips

Great Cereal

The cereals are great and tasty breakfast and mid-day snack.

NEW Keto Cheese Puffs

Love the cheese snacks

These cheese snacks are perfect for a quick bite and they don't taste funny like other keto replacements. Definitely recommend.

Keto Cereal
Fast Delivery, Pre-portioned, and an excellent price.

I got a bit of every cereal to try and find out what was to my taste. It was an amazing value in bulk like that and the shipping was very quick (came the first day in the window). I definitely have favorites, fruity was my number one, but all were good and your ranking would probably have to do with what your favorite cereal was as a kid. I will for sure be ordering the cereal again and plan to try the snacks next time.

Yes, snacks!

I love that I don't feel like I'm missing out on cereal and snacks. I love the cheese and sour cream puffs. Thank you for creating them!!!💗

Love the Cereal

I love the cereal! I have been doing half peanut butter and half chocolate, so it is like a Reese’s. The cheddar puffs were not as good in my opinion so I likely won’t get those again.

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